The Jeep was one of the most innovative brands at the recent Geneva Motor Show 2019. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has taken advantage of the Swiss event to show the public some of the news that will soon reach the market. Among them, the hybrid plug-in versions of the Jeep Renegade and the Jeep Compass stand out. There was also room for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with the special edition S Limited the version that came on the scene. Very soon it will reach European dealers. Before that happens, the brand made important adjustments in the line 2019 of the Grand Cherokee in its version for Europe. In addition to adjusting the prices of certain versions, different options and a mechanic have been removed. One of the most relevant changes to the Jeep Grand Cherokee line is the disappearance of the 190 hp V6 3.0 Multijet diesel engine. It was associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system. The rest of the mechanics that can be found in the Jeep configurator comply with the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup for the European market is comprised of the following finishes: Laredo, Limited, Trailhawk, Overland, S Edition, Summit and Trackhawk. On the other hand, the brand decided to make changes to the paint options for the bodywork and the list of optional equipment that will be detailed in the coming days.


Not long ago, with the celebration of the Turin Motor Show 2018, the new Jeep Renegade 2019 was introduced to the public. However, at that time the brand had revealed some pictures and only a few details of the expected facelift. Now all the details of the renewed Renegade appear, which in just a few months will go on sale at all Jeep dealers in Europe. Although the most relevant changes to the Jeep Renegade have to do with the technological equipment and the mechanical part, it is undeniable that the new image presented by the Jeep SUV is very interesting. The new Renegade 2019 shows a more modern front thanks to the redesigned grille with Wrangler-like shapes and also debut headlights and antinebline lights. The new headlamps with daytime running lights, high beam, low beam and LED antinebline lights offer about 50% more visibility compared to halogen headlamps. Taking a look at the rear, the new LED technology lanterns are the most eye-catching novelty. New exterior designs are complemented by new wheel designs, with seven different options in sizes ranging from 16 to 19 inches. The interior of the Jeep Renegade 2019 comes with a more modern interior that transmits a superior quality than the predecessor model. It launches a center console with a built-in smartphone holder, new cupholders and storage compartments that will make traveling easier. The additional USB port is now located on the back of the front center armrest.

The Jeep will offer many possibilities for interior customization. There will be specific settings for each of the finishing levels with the availability of Trespass Black and Polar Plunge upholstery. Some interior details are also shared with the Jeep Wrangler. Depending on the equipment level, the new Renegade can equip the Uconnect or Uconnect NAV infotainment system with touchscreens of 5.0, 7.0 and 8.4 inches respectively. Both systems can integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so the level of connectivity and integration with smartphones will be very high. In terms of safety, the Jeep Renegade 2019 also features significant advances over the model that can still be found at dealerships. Now you will be able to standardize on the entire range of the plus-band output warning system and intelligent speed-assist with traffic-signal recognition. Also upgraded is the Park Sense automatic parking system that will be offered after launch. The offer of driving assistance systems is completed with the plus frontal collision warning with standard active braking control, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detector and rear motion control.

With regard to the mechanical part of the new Jeep Renegade, the line of engines debuts important news. The new Jeep SUV is now much more efficient and has a superior performance. The engine selection is based on a modular structure of two configurations: a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine with 120 hp and 190 Nm of maximum torque associated with a six-speed manual transmission, as well as a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine of 150 hp and 270 Nm associated with an automatic double-clutch DDCT transmission. Both with front wheel drive. Also available is a 1.3-liter turbocharged 180 hp 270 Nm engine, combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission with torque converter and full drive. All new engines are made entirely of aluminum to provide a low weight.  For drivers who want a diesel mechanic there will also be different options. The new Jeep Renegade 2019 will be available with a 1.6 literMultijet II engine with 120 hp available with manual or automatic DDCT transmission. To this mechanic it is necessary to add the engine of 2.0 litersMultijet II in two levels of power: 140 and 170 hp. Regardless of the choice made there will be manual or automatic transmission versions of nine speeds. The new Jeep Renegade 2019 will go on sale in Europe from next September. Although for the time being it is unknown what their prices will be, the Jeep has confirmed the four finishing levels that will be part of the line: Sport, Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk. To see it in countries outside Europe, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the year.


The upgraded Jeep Renegade gets its first special series, as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will put up for sale in Europe in the coming weeks a new version that will carry the name ‘S’, characterized by its more dynamic aspect. The new Jeep Renegade ‘S’ will be recognized by a number of exterior enhancements that are specific to this version, among which are the black grille front, 19-inch alloy wheels with specific design painted in gray ‘Granite Crystal ‘, plus inserts of the same hue in the logos and grid, as well as specific ceiling bars, tinted glass, etc.

The interior of the Renegade ‘S’ is characterized by its dark gray upholstery, as well as an ‘All Black’ environment dominated by black on the ceiling tapestry, pillars and doors. In addition, it has a sports steering wheel lined in leather with black seams, specific rugs, etc. The Jeep Renegade ‘S’ most relevant standard equipment includes an 8.0-inch touch screen UConnect infotainment system, which includes compatibility with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth and USB systems, as well as integrated navigation. It also includes configurable digital instrumentation with 7.0-inch color screen, bi-zone automatic climate control, front and rear parking sensors, automatic lights and rain sensor.  In addition, it has several roadside assistance, such as traffic signal reader, unintentional track change alert, standalone city braking, collision warning and adaptive speed control. The main headlights are Full LED, as well as the taillights that are also LEDs. The range of engines includes the 1.3 Turbo T4 150 hp petrol engine and the 1.6-liter Multijet 120 hp diesel engine and the 2.0 Multijet 150 hp diesel engine. Some of them can be coupled to a six-speed manual transmission, a six-speed dual-clutch DDCT automatic or a nine-speed automatic.


In addition to all the evolutions brought by the new Jeep Renegade 2019, which can be seen in the 30th Salão de São Paulo, there is another very special Renegade. This is the B-Ute, a car show – absolutely functional – developed in the United States in conjunction with Mopar for the most recent edition of the traditional annual Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab, USA, at the end of March. The B-Ute is a Jeep Renegade designed to beat heavy off-road conditions without losing practicality. The bumpers are unique as well as the hood with heat extractors and the widened wheel housings to house the BF / Goodrich T / A Baja Champion off-road tires. Other upgrades include the Jeep Performance Parts line from Mopar’s North American portfolio. Cases to lift the suspension in 4 cm, the roof rack with unusual design and the protections in the lower part of the body. Also highlighted are the added interior items such as specially coated seats, glossy black appliqués and Mopar reinforced rugs. The Jeep B-Ute also carries some curiosities. To begin with the fact that he anticipated, still in March, the launch of the restyling of Renegade. The new front grille and LED headlights were already there, for example. And in one of the possibilities of reading the name of the concept, the B refers to the segment of the vehicle and Ute is contraction of utility, in English. Already among the various inscriptions on the body, two stand out – ‘Lt. Jenkins’ and ‘1337’, which appear side by side in some spots. Both terms refer to the geek world: the first refers to the mischievous character Leeroy Jenkins of the World of Warcraft game, and the second is the numerical version of the word ‘leet’, the ‘elite’ corruption used in the early days of the internet in the universe BBS (Bulletin Board System).


The new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 1941 Edition, which the American brand presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, is no more than a slightly modified version of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the highest version of the line and has the most robust and robust configuration for use off road. In this way, the brand uses this special version to show the different possibilities of the catalog of optional parts and accessories Mopar, in addition to the possibilities of the Wrangler Rubicon, which already has the most robust and aggressive chassis configuration used outside the asphalt. The new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 1941 Edition has a special yellow decoration with several stickers that allude to the date 1941, the year that premiered the original Jeep Willys. The color combination is complemented by multiple elements in the black tone, among which we find the bumper, front grille, wheel arches, optional new snorkel, door knobs, fuel tank cap and mirrors , as well as the wheels and the textile hood itself. But the Wrangler Rubicon 1941 Edition is a little more than a few color changes and some stickers, as it has an optional suspension kit to lift the axles, the aforementioned snorkel and the new side skirts, which could not be otherwise way, they are also in black color. Like all Jeep Wranglers in its Rubicon version, the new Wrangler 1941 Edition features the Dana 44 rigid axles and electronically adjustable differentials, so it has a much more robust configuration and is better enabled to access track zones.

Life Changing Car Covers

You look out the window, see the drizzle that is getting faster and you sigh. You know that by the end of the evening your car will be soaking, and by tomorrow, the damage will have been well absorbed. Oh well, you sigh, that’s the way life is. Sorry, but it ain’t. You’re wrong. Neither you nor your car has to go those the awful ordeal of getting wrecked and ruined every day. Learn about the best way to install a car cover and how they can change your life. Car covers are cleverly woven fabrics, cut and sized to fit your car, that will be able to shield your car from the detriments of nature. As nature takes its course, your car is in peril. Be it the rain, wind, sun, snow, anything, they all have destructive factors that will wreck the car.

Most car covers are completely and entirely waterproof. This means that a thunderstorm could be raging outside, but your car, comfortably tucked away beneath a cover, is bone dry. As a result, your car is saved from becoming horribly water-stained, and rusty with time. What you may not have known is that the level of acid in the rainfalls today are alarmingly high. This very acid eats away and the car’s beautiful paintwork, and totally disintegrates it. The result is – awful! Snow is dangerous when it hits an uncovered car. Snow freezes over the car, including its brakes. When brakes are frozen over, they do not work as effectively as they should, and the result could be fatal, G-d forbid. Another feature car covers have is ultraviolet resistant. Due to global warming, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are more powerful than ever. These rays melt away the finish of the car and fade the paintwork making it colorless. The inside becomes overheated, which is unbearable to drive in, and very claustrophobic. When the car overheats, the internal specs of the car get ruined too. Instead of all this damage occurring, the cover simply reflects the ultraviolet rays away from the car. Your car can, therefore, remain gleaming and shiny without any worry. It goes without saying that a car that is covered over, does not fall prey to stains from dirt, dust, birds muck, tree says, and anything else that may park themselves on the car. These stains are near impossible to remove. They cause endless aggravation, not to mention plain and simple ugliness.

Car covers are a cost-effective way of ensuring that your car stays clean and in a healthy condition. They are not expensive, especially when weighed up against the cost of constant car cleaning, polishing, and repairing. What people love most about car covers is their practicality. They are so neat and compact when not in use that they could be transported around in the glove compartment. This way, it comes with you wherever you go, always giving you the protection you and your car need and want. It is your portable garage! The Amazing Roll Up Car Cover will be able to protect your car from all those ghastly nuisances as well as roll up nice and neatly in no time at all. This may seem totally unbelievable, but with a drum roll, it is possible. At the turn of a crank, the cover rolls up, or out, using speeds of up to 100 RPMs. The drum has specialized snag free technology that makes sure nothing gets tangled in the process. The cover itself is a superb one. It is completely waterproof and will even withstand the pressures of torrents and hoses, letting you wash down you cover when it is on. This is due to the fact that the cover is made using micro weave taffeta and seven layers of polyurethane. Now no water or other liquids can work their way on to the car.

That’s not all, the cover is breathable too. The car will be able to ‘sweat’ whilst covered without the fear of it becoming steamed up and moldy. Air and moisture are allowed out through the material, but not in, ensuring the car remains bone dry at all times. The Amazing Roll Up Car Cover is also ultraviolet repellent. None of the sun’s harmful rays will be able to seep their way through to the car and damage it, as the cover will deny all entry. The rays will simply be reflected off the car, and the car will remain protected at all times. Naturally, since the car will be covered, it will be saved from all sorts of other nuisances and wreckage such as dirt, dust, birds dropping etc. As you may already have experienced, these can leave awful stains and are mighty difficult to fully remove.

Having the Amazing Roll Up Car Cover simply makes your life easier. Owing to the fact that the cover becomes so neat and compact when not in use, just makes it easier to transport around with you. Slip it into the glove compartment, and away you go. You have your portable garage right there in your pocket. No need to worry where you’re headed as your car will remain shielded and protected wherever you are, whatever the climate. This can be a very smart decision. Being dormant in storage can cause your automobile to get scratched or dented, dependent upon conditions, and the life expectancy of your car is decreased consequently. Rectifying these particular issues really only calls for buying a car cover. Furthermore, if you spend a little money on a protective cover now, you have the potential for savings in the future when you do not have to bring your automobile in for maintenance. Nothing really beats it.

The decision to buy a covers does mean you need to do your research into which brand name is best for you. Each brand name has its pros and cons. What you need to do is be sure you do not fall into the typical error of not learning about the fabrics and methods of production used to produce protective car covers which will guarantee you select the right one for your needs. Only one kind of cloth is typically utilized for most car covers because they tend to cover the entire car while is being stored. You certainly need to consider the fact that protective car covers should breathe or else something that might not initially seem to be a bad thing can turn out a lot worse as a consequence. Your vehicle could ultimately be destroyed as a result. Along similar lines, the build-up of heat can also adversely impact your automobile. Protective car covers have to permit air to move around so that your vehicle does not get too hot under its covering.

Show Appreciation to Your Car by Protecting It With a Car Cover

 The car is one of the greatest inventions of all times. We take it for granted because we were brought up with it. But if you would stop and think about what people had to go through years ago just to get from one place to another, you would be amazed. Even the richest of the rich had to travel in such an uncomfortable fashion way compared to how we travel today. They had to be on the road for days upon days as opposed to merely hours just to reach their destination miles away. They had to go through bumpy, unpaved roads, and uncomfortably feel each bump through the travel instead of putting a car on cruise control and flying down the highway not feeling a thing. When looking into these different factors, you can really appreciate what the car does for you.

Now the least you could do to show some appreciation to your poor overused vehicle is to take really good care if it. Show your car a little tender, love, and care for all it gives you. The first plan of action should be is to go to an auto parts store and purchase a good quality, sturdy, strong car cover.  If the prices of the covers in the stores turn you off, don’t give up. Try to buy a wholesale car cover for a more reasonable price. You can go online and look up the best place to buy them. A cover is the best investment you can make for your car. It will really keep your car looking nice and new. In addition, it will prevent your car from the normal damage that happens to most cars due to weather and environmental factors, such as bird feces. The truth is that car covers should be sold with the cars just like the other car parts are sold together in the car. The problem is that people tend to downplay the importance of a car cover and view it a luxury more than a necessity. But this is far from the truth. Car covers are extremely vital for keeping your vehicle in shape. With the proper quality cover, you can actually add years onto your vehicle’s life. If you choose to sell it, you will be able to get more money for it. So don’t forget all the good your car does for you. Don’t forget how lost you would be without it. Spend a little bit of money and buy a good cover for your car. You will not regret your decision. You will realize it was definitely money well spent. It will be on of the best investments you will have made in your life.

Car covers come in many colors, sizes, and fabrics so that selecting one that satisfies your individual requirements is not a problem whatsoever. But it is important to buy the right type of car cover which will help safeguard your investment by shielding the paint from damages resulting from unexpected changes in the weather along with air pollutants like dirt and dust that will damage the finish. The paintwork and the new look and great finish of your automobile also need protection against possible damage from the harsh rays of the sun as well as from twigs, leaves and bird poop. The precise car cover you choose is based on the climate where you live as well as whether or not you store your automobile indoors or outside.

Initially, you must decide whether or not you are looking for a universal or custom fitted protective car cover. Generic kinds of covers are less expensive but offer a lower level of protection. A protective cover that does not fit well will damage your automobile by flapping in the wind and scratching your paint. Furthermore, it will allow dust to get into your automobile which will scratch your paint job when you put on and remove the cover. On the other hand, a customized cover offers a close fit and can often be locked to defend against thieves. Another decision that you will need to make is the amount of defense that is required for water. Waterproof protective car covers are normally manufactured with some sort of plastic which is occasionally coated for added protection. These covers will give you excellent protection against water but have the drawback of occasionally trapping moisture between the cover and the vehicle causing corrosion and damage to the finish. These kinds of protective covers should be utilized in conjunction with a soft inner cover like cotton which will prevent moisture.

Water-resistant protective covers are very popular since the fabrics from which they are produced are breathable. These specific kinds of covers keep out most of the water and enable air to circulate about the automobile, therefore, preventing the formation of mold. Additionally, they provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Non-waterproof covers are made of thinner fabrics similar to cotton or flannel and not meant for prolonged use outdoors. Normally you would utilize these specific covers inside since the fabric is soft on the painted finish of the car.